The Better Attorney


Taught by Ron Mombello, an acting coach for over 20 years, and illustrated by Zachary Pullen, a renowned artist, Volume 1 of The Better Attorney is a correspondence course - workbook which will teach you how to engage your audience, how to communicate more clearly and concisely, how to be better understood, and, therefore, how to be better at your practise of the Law.

This Course will guide you there, and, then, not unlike the aims of the actor, each of your cases will be worthy of an Oscar®. The techniques an actor masters will work for you.

You will improve the precision of your voice and its clarity, improve your abilty to read body language and facial expressions, improve your ability to communicate effectively, enhance the values of memorization and improvisation, hone your time management skills, learn how to, more effectively, listen, expand your ability to project your voice, and determine the priorities you will, most consistently, wish to illustrate.

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